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Aaron Pearce
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Darth Movember by JamesBousema
Darth Movember

"I find your lack of beard disturbing..."

Had to do at least one Movember piece this year. So, here's a scruffy lookin' Vader
Astrofighter - Wakatobi by animot
Astrofighter - Wakatobi
codename: wakatobi
pencak silat sapu jagat

- whitenoise…
- starkiller…


some deviants pointed out that this guy looks like grunt from halo series,
after i did a quick googling, i understand why, they do have some similarities.
i don't play halo and not very familiar with it's universe, but i do admire the armor designs
for master chief and spartans.

i'm happy if you guys like or enjoy my art because it reminds you to a character or universe that you love,
but i just wanna say that this is pure coincidence, i have no intention to take or rip off other design.

astrofighters' concept is astronauts wearing combat suit and booster pack fighting in space,
each with their own martial art modified for zero gravity combat, and the suit design is inspired by animals.
wakatobi is inspired by octopus, whitenoise -> rabbit, and  starkiller -> turtle.


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Thank you so much for adding my picture to your favorites! Dancing Squirrel
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Aaron :heart:


We have to damm continue our love sharing about cameras :)

and bokeh

and lens

and photog

and nerd stuff =P

Cheers Monsieur :la:

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