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December 11, 2012
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Stash - The Beautiful Client by Pickley Stash - The Beautiful Client by Pickley
NOTE: This app was designed by $Ikue and developed by myself, $Pickley. So please thank $Ikue for this wonderful design. This was really the only suitable category.


Stash is a beautiful client filled to the brim with all the features you love and enjoy. Whether it's the handcrafted interface, animations or simple gestures, you'll come to love Stash as we and others have.

Built using the official deviantART API you can quickly, and easily, shoot photos using your built in camera, submit files already on your device, and even compose literary works anywhere, any time.

Feature Highlights:
◆ Upload to, whether it is images or text, Stash can do it all.
◆ Create Stacks within your as you desire.
◆ View your in a gorgeous user interface.
◆ Simple gestures enable a wide range of actions to perform upon you items and stacks.
◆ Share your stacks and items to a wide range of services such as Twitter, Facebook and more.
◆ When you are ready, move your uploads to deviantART as you wish.

Simplify your by taking it with you anywhere.

Daily Deviation

Given 2012-12-12
Stash - The Beautiful Client - A beautifully coded and designed app by =Pickley and $Ikue that allows users to upload images and text on the go. ( Suggested by bradleysays and Featured by princepal )