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Yep, amazing isn't it?

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Mon Dec 7, 2015, 4:37 PM

Worthy of a journal...

Sat Sep 5, 2015, 8:15 PM

Introducing Theodore Stuart Pearce. Born at 9.59pm on the 9th of March 2015 (New Zealand time). Weighing 8lb, 7oz (3.85kg).

Theodore Stuart Pearce by Pickley


Sun Jan 4, 2015, 11:24 AM
Haven't posted a personal journal for a while now. So here's one.

Baby Pickles

Baby Pickles as he is affectionately called by members of #devart is due in early March. Can't wait for him to arrive.

Dscf0824-2 by Pickley


I've finally purchased a decent camera rig to get back into photography. I now own a Canon 1200D with three lenses, 18-55mm, 75-300mm and the 50mm f1.8. I'm hoping that this kit will be enough to keep me busy for a while before needing any further lenses.

Combining this kit with the concept of being able to download straight from the camera to my iPad then process and upload directly to DA, keep an eye out for photos soon ;).

The Green Dragon by PickleyNo Admittance by Pickley

Personal Sites

I've finally found some spare time to look into my own sites again. I'm hoping to update both my personal site and Sunya's site in the near future. They've been overdue an update for over a year now so it will be nice to get them done.

Small Chat Feature

Check out iPhotograph and photohunt, these chats/groups are run by AshleyxBrooke and are great chats to visit. iPhotograph has a small but helpful community of photographers, while PhotoHunt is a superb game to play with your camera to hone your skills.

Art Feature

Imprint by DestinyBlueBaby Groot by RossHughesDeviantart meets Monument Valley by SRudyDay 745# My internet today.... by Cryptid-Creations
something new by sandaraThey're taking the Hobbits to Isengard by Ry-Spirit
Stitch and Toothless by TsaoShinPikachu 3DS Commission by TsaoShin

Have a look at  Reaper-X's awesome photography book featuring some great street photography and portraiture.

You can buy a hard copy from here or an E-book version from here if you have a fancy E-book reader.

Check out some of his other work in his gallery and below!

Necks of Rubber by Reaper-X
Cold-Time Commuters by Reaper-X
Spotted! by Reaper-X

I was browsing dA for pictures of New Zealand and thought I'd do a small feature of some of the best images I found, here they are :la:.

EPIC REALM by pmd1138Pure New Zealand by Niv24
Raukawa Falls, New Zealand by CathleenTarawhiti
Lake Wakatipu New Zealand by ShaniTara
Fox Glacier, New Zealand by M10tje
New Zealand 3 Updated by apfe
Classic New Zealand Farmland by Niv24
Mt. Cook by hquer
New Zealand 2012 by JTiffinPhotography

New Addition

Tue Oct 29, 2013, 10:40 AM

By now, some of you may have noticed the newest addition to my username...

I've accepted a position with the dt team but I'll leave it up to you to figure out what I'm working on.

It's a really awesome opportunity, one that I'm absolutely thankful for. Having the chance to improve a product and site that I use daily and enjoy so much is such a hard thing to find.

Farewell to dA Messages

Mon Oct 28, 2013, 11:46 AM

dA Messages was the first real Message Center client for a mobile device. It was a great app when it first launched in January last year but since then, everything in the realm of iOS apps has changed and my skills have dramatically improved as a developer.

While it saddens me to do this, it has now come time for dA Messages to be discontinued as an app and no longer be supported into the future. dA Messages had become unwieldy to update both due to my own skill level when I originally developed it along with how it interfaces with deviantART. dA Messages is also no longer needed due to the fact that deviantART now has an updated mobile website.

I have removed dA Messages from the store as of today, but if you previously purchased dA Messages,  it will continue to work into the future until such a time comes that deviantART changes how the Message Centre functions.

Thank you for your support with dA Messages from when it first launched up until now, it has been greatly appreciated and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this discontinuation of dA Messages, feel free to contact me.

Thanks again,

My Apps and iOS7

Wed Sep 18, 2013, 5:43 PM

My Apps & iOS7

With iOS7 out now I'd thought that I should address my apps and what is happening to them on iOS7.


dAmnMobile is being rewritten to be a brand new iOS7 only app, starting with the iPhone version and eventually becoming a universal app. This is being worked on currently and is slowly coming along between my other work. It will be launched when I am happy with it, until then dAmnMobile 2 will work as expected.

dA Messages

Currently I have no plans to update dA Messages to be iOS7. This is mostly due to a lack of time to do so. If I can convert it to be 7 only in a short amount of time, I may do so, keep an eye on it.

dA Uploader

This app will not be  updated other than for bug fixes. This is due to a few reasons including the fact that the sheer amount of users it has are adverse to any change I make. It works, and they are happy it seems.

Thoughts on iOS7 and the new iPhones

After Apple's announcements yesterday, I've been thinking about what these new devices mean for both myself as a developer and others as consumers.

iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c brings a new device to the market, which yes, is based upon last year's hardware, but will the regular consumer notice or care? Most likely not. Apple has just made this tier much more marketable and appealing to consumers as for a consumer what looks new must be new.This is a move by Apple to make the iPhone into a brand with two parts like the Macbook line with it's Air and Pro lines.

As a developer, this means the potential consumer market to sell apps within just exploded with this new device. I predict it will quickly become the best selling device in the iPhone line due to it's consumer appeal, after all who wouldn't want a cheaper, coloured iPhone.

iPhone 5s

The 5s is a remarkably easy product for Apple to market. Simply put, it's faster, has a better camera, and now has a fingerprint sensor.

The A7 processor in the 5s brings the first 64 bit processor to a phone, a processor with desktop caliber performance according to Apple and based on the initial hands-on by the press, this isn't just Apple exaggerating either. The 5s also brings what is called the M7 to the table, a motion coprocessor which seems to do exactly what your Fitbit would, tracking your motion and similar statistics. This then enables apps to read this logged data when launched. Consider this bad news for the likes of Fitbit.

The camera in the 5s got a major bump up in specs, slow-mo video recoding, burst-fire mode for stills, true tone flash and auto image stabilisation are all new. Combine these together and you get the feeling that Apple is chasing down the point and shoot manufacturers by combining what is slowly becoming great camera hardware in such a small package with superb software.

Finally, you have the key new feature of the 5s, Touch ID. Touch the home button with your finger and unlock your phone, seems great to me. This is one feature I'll have to play with in person to see if it works as good as it is advertised to but if it does, it's gonna be awesome for iPhone consumers.

The new gold colour is an odd choice by Apple, one that seems to lend itself more to the Asian markets such as China and Japan than the western market but as Apple is expanding within China this year, it makes absolute business sense to introduce this colour.


I've actually had iOS7 on my main phone since WWDC in June. It's a solid OS stability wise by now and is a pleasure to use once you get over the initial design shock.

The whole OS has change which will help to liven up the third party apps as well as iOS itself. Every developer I know is now rethinking their products to suit iOS7 and it's goals of clarity, deference to the content and depth. This is an exciting time to be an iOS developer, it opens up a wide field of opportunities even in niches that have been filled dozens of times.

Overall, the announcement will help Apple and the ecosystem grow even more, and provide great opportunities for developers. I can't wait to see what apps come out soon with iOS7 in mind.

Presenting deviantART Standard Time

Ever wanted to calculate when an event or contest is running? Ever realised most of these times are based upon the timezone that deviantART HQ resides in? Ever hit a wall while trying to work out the difference?

deviantART Standard Time is a user script that adds the time that is it currently at deviantART HQ alongside your local time in the menu bar of deviantART allowing simple and quick calculations of the time difference to find out when an event, contest or happening is occurring in your time!

Grab it below!

deviantART Standard Time Userscript by Pickley

Thanks goes to PurpelBlur for the original idea and permission to use/post it! Fave and comment on that here!

dAmnMobile - Free for Three Days!

Fri Jul 26, 2013, 5:48 PM

dAmnMobile - Free For Three

This is a once off sale! Get dAmnMobile for absolutely nothing! Chat with your friends on the deviantART Messaging Network on your iOS device with a free copy of dAmnMobile. Claim your copy within the next three days!

If you love the app, favourite the deviations, and share the news with your friends, your watchers, everyone to let them know the app is free for three days!

dAmnMobile 2 by PickleydAmnMobile 2 for iPad by Pickley

Get the app here.

I Create Products Not Code

"What do you do for a job"?
That dreaded question. That question that is hard to answer. The question I attempt to avoid at any cost, simply due to that fact that I do not have a clear answer.

What do I really do as my job? It's really not as clear cut as you would be lead to believe. I don't solely program, I form products from the vision of others or myself. I take conversations from others, and form their concept into a product ready for their use.

For the majority of the products that I am involved with through Sunya, I am the sole developer, design and manager for the complete project. Other than conversations held with the client to help shape the product correctly according to their vision, I make majority of the decisions to form a product that I can take pride in along with the client. 

I create apps which is simply not just programming as it entails multiple facets, design, development and product management. All of which I have been doing unknowingly for the past two years. I have come to realise that I don't just code, but I create products, products such as dAmnMobile, Stash, along with multitudes of other products for clients.

Therefore, my answer to the question is that I am a product creator, not just a programmer.

dAmnMobile and iOS7

Mon Jul 1, 2013, 3:05 PM

dAmnMobile & iOS7

What is that icon you say? Well as of iOS7, dAmnMobile 2 is officially "broken" in terms of it's user interface and small parts of the login code. So the plan is to not to just fix those bugs but to instead rebuild from scratch the entirety of the application.

The reason for this decision in all honesty is only half related to the bugs, the other reason is the progression in both my programming skill and style over the past two years since dAmnMobile 2 was released. The code within version 2 is now holding back progress as it was badly designed and implemented.

As with iOS7, dAmnMobile 3 will bring a brand new interface, simpler, more beautiful and even more usable than now. The system for interacting with deviantART and dAmn will be improved remarkably bring changes that I have been wishing to add for the last six months.

I can't wait to share the changes that I am planning, the first being the work in progress icon above and what the future holds for dAmnMobile. If you have any queries or thoughts, I'd love to hear them.


Sun Jun 16, 2013, 2:03 PM
Today I turned 21. I thought it'd be interesting to look back over the last year to see what I have accomplished.

Since I turned 20 until now, I have:
  • Started a company doing mobile apps, Sunya.
  • Was invited to Apple Headquarters as a guest to their Cocoa Camp event.
  • Left University and my degree to pursue working at Sunya fulltime.
  • Been an app developer for over two years.
  • Began work on Sunya's first official product (more on that soon).
  • Reached over 50,000 downloads by users of my applications.
A year ago, I would of been too shy or afraid to jump at most of these opportunities but thanks to a lot of support from people on and offline, I've decided to jump at anything that has been offered and so far it has paid off very well for me. Hopefully the next year of my life holds as many opportunities as the last year has.

Free and unappreciated.

Sun Jun 2, 2013, 9:14 PM

Today I got told that my apps should be free as deviantART is free. After hearing this dozens if not hundreds of times since I first started creating iOS apps for deviantART in my free time, I've finally gotten to the stage in my mind where I feel that I need to address this problem.

My deviantART apps all originate from my own personal need for them. dAmnMobile, I wanted to chat on dAmn via my iPhone then my iPad when I eventually got one. dA Messages, I wanted to check my messages in a better user interface than the mobile site provided at that stage. dA Uploader, I wanted to upload to my quickly with a simple UI. The side effect of me wanting these personally is that you received them as well.

The concept in people's mind that third party apps should be free as the website is needs to be corrected. My personal apps are either paid apps or apps with in-app purchases for a reason, that reason is that I like to be able to earn a little bit of money from my side projects. I put my own personal time into these apps, not any time that I am already paid for. Asking for my work for free, is like asking a graphic designer to design a website for free, you shouldn't do it. I work hard on my products and people that ask why it isn't free slowly grind me down to the point where I ask myself if my work is appreciated at all.

A lot of third party projects are available for use with deviantART but the creators are never thanked for their efforts and personal free time that they put into these projects.

For example, have you thanked the developers behind superdAmn recently? How about the BotLab developers for their endless work on the bots that help run hundreds of chats on dAmn? Or maybe baronbeandip for his work on Android apps? Why not go thank them now, they will appreciate it a lot and it will give them more of a reason to actually continue working on these projects in their own time.

I am of the belief that everything you do should be done to make a dent upon the universe. My deviantART related apps are created solely to improve other's experience while using deviantART on their iOS devices. Improving the experience of deviantART on mobile is one of my attempts to create my own small dent in the universe but without thanks and just criticism it slowly makes me question why I continue to work on these projects.

So please, go thank the developers of your favourite projects for their tireless work or even give thanks to the dt team for their work of creating deviantART as it is today. It will help show them that they are appreciated and will only take a moment of your time.

I leave you with but one thought, what are you doing to put your dent upon the universe?

The Setup

Tue May 28, 2013, 7:53 PM

The Setup.

What I use to get stuff done.

What hardware do I use?

My sole development machine is a base model 15" Retina Macbook Pro with 16GB of RAM. This is nearly always hooked up to a 27" Thunderbolt Display to give me more screen space to work within.

As my work consists of mostly mobile development I have a decent stack of devices around me at all times, including my personal iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. I also have an iPad 3 for testing retina versions of my iPad apps. Recently I won a Blackberry Dev Alpha C but haven't had a chance to really use it as of yet.

Other accessories I use daily include:

  • A pair of Sennheiser HD202s, they are really good headphones for the price, decent sound quality and good isolation of background noise.
  • A stack of external hard drives to store music, movies and backups, totalling 4TB of storage.
  • An Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Having gotten used to the tracked on the Macbook itself, I had to purchase a Magic Trackpad because a mouse felt odd in my hand. Keyboard is for similar reasons but I'll take suggestions for better keyboards.
  • A dA PRO Nomad bag that I recently purchased once I heard the store was closing down. Sadly this bag is sold out now.
  • A Griffin Twenty is used to Airplay music around the house as I want. Hooked up to some great little speakers I bought used. Sounds great.

And what software?

In terms of software I predominately have XCode and Photoshop open to facilitate iOS development, along with these I normally also run:

  • Google Chrome - for browsing the internet.
  • Sparrow - for reading and keeping up with my email.
  • Tweetbot - to keep up with Twitter (it's my primary news source now).
  • Skype - for chatting to clients and friends as needed.
  • Terminal - for source control and quick navigation of my files.
  • Sublime Text - for any other development work that isn't mobile related.
  • Rdio - for music, new release music instantly and with no hard drive space used, it's great.
  • 1Password - secures all my passwords and allows me to use extremely long passwords as I please.
  • Fantastical - replaces Calendar with a simplified app for me, allowing me to just make/review events quickly as needed.
  • Flux -  adjusts the colours of my screen based on the time reducing the blue glow at night that can cause problems with my eyes.
  • Github - used to store my source code online aas backups as needed while also providing an issue tracker for bugs or feature requests.

The Dream Setup

I'm pretty happy with the current setup as it stands now, I'd love to get a monitor arm along with a larger desk in the future. Replacement headphones for the HD202s are in the pipeline, moving up to Sennheiser HD598s.

But honestly my current setup works superbly and with the aforementioned tweaks I'd be happy.

Questions? Thoughts?

Have any questions you'd like answered about how I work? Want to share your space? Would you like to see interviews of other dA members similar to this?

Rethinking dAmn on Mobile

Tue May 14, 2013, 11:45 PM

dAmnMobile 2 has been out for over a year as of now. It is time I set aside a week to rethink and rebuild the app.

Designing a mobile client for a chat system such as dAmn or IRC is a tough problem to tackle. Getting the interface to work correctly, gaining good performance are some issues I have to tackle.

Since August last year I have been working when I can on building a new core for dAmnMobile to be included in the next major release. This system already fixes many bugs that the old system had. It improves performance, eliminates those pesky disconnections and crushes other bugs.

I am planning to set aside a week or more shortly to rethink dAmnMobile completely in terms of how it flows for the user. Questions such as how to simplify tabbing, moving between chats and managing other aspects all need a thorough rethink before this begins.

Some of my current ideas are as below:
  • A faster tabbing method, maybe double tap a message to reply?
  • Notifications that appear will allow a user to move to the chat that it came from.
  • Swipe to change chats, e.g. swipe from one chat to another quickly instead of dropping back to a table view.
  • Private Chat support with integration with CLINK to allow private chat requests between modern dAmn clients.
  • Topic and Title support in the iPhone app including the ability to edit.
  • Full support for the dAmn protocol including /whois and other commands thus far not included.
  • A searchable chat list so that a user can add chats to their list easier.
I'd like your input into this aspect if possible to make dAmnMobile what you, the user wants. If something bugs you in the current version of the app, feel free to share, whether its a bug, or just an annoyance of the user interface. I'll try my best to address it in the next major update.

The Last Two Years

On the 1st of April, it will have been two years since I launched my first app on the iOS App Store, dAmnMobile 1.0, so I thought it'd be interesting to do a walk through memory lane of what has happened in the short period of those two years.

What Happened In Those Years

dAmnMobile 1.0 launched on the 1st of April 2011. It was the first mobile client for dAmn. It brought a simple user interface with superdAmn built natively in. It wasn't great, but it was a start. 

Three days after launch, dAmnMobile 1.0 received a Daily Deviation thanks to Thorero and Lilyas. This helped with getting the attention the app needed for success.

dAmnMobile App by Pickley

Next up, on the 1st of July 2011, came dA Uploader 1.0. The first uploader on the iOS App Store. I offered this as a  completely free application for download. It worked, thats about all I can say about it.

Fmimg5791082468016707661 by Pickley

Then I decided that dAmnMobile needed a complete rewrite and separation of the iPad and iPhone codebases. Looking back upon the decision to separate dAmnMobile into two apps was idiotic on my part, let alone charging users for the upgrade. Got to make mistakes to learn from them though. 

The iPhone version of dAmnMobile 2 came first on September 2nd, 2011 with the iPad version releasing shortly after on the 27th. As part of the launch, I charged $0.99 for the app, then after a week or two, pricing was moved to where it remains today at $1.99.

On the 11 of November 2011, the iPad deviation received Daily Deviation that was suggested by Topicality and given by WDWParksGal, thanks to them for that.

dAmnMobile 2 by PickleydAmnMobile 2 for iPad by Pickley

Next up in my product development sights was a Message Center app for dA. Initially I thought this would be simple, in reality, I couldn't be more wrong. One word, DiFi, DiFi is hell. But I trudged through this hell and out came dA Messages, a simplistic Message Center client for dA. It launched on the 13th of January of 2012. 

dA Messages by Pickley

Along came my purchase of my first actual iPhone in February of 2012, up until then I had been using an iPod Touch. This broaden my horizons in terms of what I could do think of and do. As part of getting the iPhone, I switched to a new carrier within New Zealand who didn't have a mobile app for checking usage (mind you, they still don't), so I built my own. I showed it on Twitter and it grabbed their attention. It nearly became their official app but sadly it didn't due to some legal issues on their end. 

Skinny was a paid app for around a month after its launch on the 9th of May, 2012 then switched to being a free app. While it was a paid app, it reached 9th in the Utilities category in the New Zealand iOS app store. 

Skinny was also my first Android app I ever developed. That was a eye-opening experience that completely confirmed my choice of developing for iOS first. 

Skinny by Pickley

In July 2012, Sunya, my mobile application development company was born. The story behind Sunya is actually amusing. We had a local tech expo coming up and the organisers had a spot free that they couldn't fill. I had been talking to one of the main organisers via Twitter about TechEx and other topics and they asked if I wanted to have the booth. This was all three days before the expo started. Sunya was created in those three days before the expo, and we showed our work to local companies and community members. I've been working full time at Sunya since then. 

Sunya by Pickley

Let's travel back a little bit in time to get some context for this event. Back in May, I applied to go to Cocoa Camp, an Apple run, weeklong training event for students. 

Part of this application was process was sending in a demo app showing your programming skills. And my luck, I sent in the source code for Skinny, then the app broke. Somehow I was still one of 24 students from around the worldwide to be invited by Apple to attend after they reviewed our applications.

So in August of 2012, I flew over to Apple headquarters in Cupertino for the week. We did training sessions for the week as         well as building a app over that time to show to Apple Engineers at the end of the week. Overall it was a superb experience that I wish I could do again, sadly I'm not a student anymore.

Untitled by Pickley

After I came back from Cocoa Camp, I began work on my next app, Stash. Designed by Ikue, it was a full client utilising the new API's that deviantART provided to retrieve your Stash launched in December 2012 on the 12th (And yes, I just noticed that it was launched on the 12/12/12 now :lol:). Within a few hours of it's launch I received a Daily Deviation on it which I have to thank bradleysays and princepal for.

Stash - The Beautiful Client by Pickley

That brings us up to now where my apps have sold over 43,000 copies in so many countries. I have to thank everyone, especially anyone that downloaded or supported dAmnMobile 1.0, if it hadn't launched as well as it did, the rest of the last two years may never have happened.

Again, thanks to the community for their support and I hope to be around building apps for a long time ;).